Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Been Awhile......

I have found that as much as I LOVE to read and follow other people’s blogs… I’m not very good at maintaining one myself.  I hope to change that!

Lots has happened over the summer months and don’t worry I won’t try to capture every little thing… that would be one long blog!  I’ll just try touch on the high points.

I’ve really enjoyed being at Country Charm Mall and very pleased with my sales.  Pam and Ms. Hazel are amazing and so sweet.   I’m still there, so come see what I have.  I carry the most amazing candles in the world.  1803 Candles is a small company based in Hinckley, IL.  Darryl and Debra Beach pour the best soy candles and they last longer than any candle I’ve ever burned.  The Christmas line is IN and will go fast, so make sure you come by.  I will have them at the Centennial Show this weekend.

In starting this little business venture, I’ve noticed that every time you try something new, there’s always a learning curve, but I feel we’re maneuvering it pretty well.  You know my heart is in primitives, but that tends to be a small group to capture.  If you come in The Country Charm any time soon you may notice my booth taking on a somewhat of a different look.  I like to call it “eclectic”.  That’s my new favorite word because I have so much that I like that doesn’t necessarily go together, but I think can blend nicely.  I’ve gotten into the chalk paint furniture craze.  Yes I know, some like it, some hate it, and yet others absolutely ADORE it.  I’m somewhere in between, but I love how the pieces I’ve painted turned out.  It’s really fun to do, but I don’t necessarily want it in my house (I love my primitives!) so lucky you!  I have painted and sold several pieces and have more just waiting to be rediscovered.  So with all that being said, I’ve moved somewhat in that direction.  I will still have primitives and genuine antiques when I can find them, but don’t be surprised to see some chalk paint pieces, too.

Ok, next learning curve – Sistas at Heart – this is alittle business venture with my buddy Donna.  We’ve been doing shows off and on for years, but decided we’d officially join forces.  We are closer than friends, so “Sistas at Heart” was birthed this past August.  Our official first show was “Bella Rustica” in Pulaski, TN and what a huge success!  That was an amazing show (check out my slideshow) and we can’t wait for next year

Another addition you may see is my line of purses  - “Sista Sacs” -  cross body purses covered with tea-dyed fabric, lace and vintage embellishments.  Some believe that “bigger is always better”, so I’ve also come up with a larger size Sista Sac made with the same type of fabric, lace and vintage components.

Sistas at Heart  will be at the Centennial Holiday Show in Franklin, TN, November 17-18 and Tinsel & Twine in Franklin, TN, November 29-31.  Come see us and get all your shopping done!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trip to Equality, AL

So excited to travel to my wonderful friend, Charlene’s house last Friday to pick up the 1800’s maple rope bed that I bought from her. My first major authentic, primitive purchase for my own home!  Charlene and Larry’s house is amazing. See the slideshow for pictures and believe me my pictures do not do this house justice. It’s an 1800’s Greek Revival, full of wonderful primitives and old stuff. They may have museum quality things, but it feels so homey and is beautifully decorated. She took time out her day to give me the grand tour. Of course like all primitive collectors every thing has a story on how we acquired the things we have, so I know we laughed, talked and shared those stories for a good 2 hours. I was treated to a wonderful lunch, then loaded up… and when I say “loaded up”, I came home with not only the bed, but a wonderful 12 tin oak pie cupboard. I bought it right out of her kitchen. She had her eye on a blue cupboard that would fit perfectly in that space, but again, like all collectors, sometime we have to move a piece out in order to make room for the next piece. We unloaded all the Tupperware, then loaded it up next to the bed and rug (yep, bought a neat rug for my living room, too) and headed for my next stop – Horse-N-Buggy, just down the road in Clanton, AL.   By the way, I don’t have space for the pie cupboard, so it’s for sale. Check out my pictures on that, too.

Horse-N-Buggy is the coolest shop! Wanda entertained me the rest of the afternoon and her house (like Charlene’s) is amazing! I know I use that word a lot, but I don’t know how else to describe the things I saw last Friday or the time that I had. It was definitely worth the 8 hour round trip. There were several things I would have loved to have come home with from Wanda’s shop, but beinging on a budget, I made 1 purchase - an old 3 board primitive table to go under the wall cupboard I got at a yard sale (Thanks Bridgett!!) a few weeks back.

Can't wait to make another trip to LA (lower Alabama) - no eating lunch out for awhile - gotta increase my budget for more primitives!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Goodbyes are always so sad....

This wasn't a decision I made quickly, but took lots of prayer.... I met a wonderful friend in Peggy at the Blue Hydrangea.  She took me in and got me started in my first atnique booth.  As much as I would love to stay in Hendersonville, I'm not able to devote the time that I would like to in order to keep my space fresh and festive, plus gas prices don't help matters.  I won't be packing up til mid-June, so please come visit me.  I'll continue with my booth at The Country Charm Mall in Franklin, so I'm not gone for good... I'll be down the road just aways.

Mother's Day was complete...

Claire, Chase, Bella, Autumn and Adam - got to see the whole family today, so my Mother's Day was complete.  Gotta smile when you see these precious girls

The Thomason Wedding

Remember the Engagement Party I hosted last Fall?  Well the wedding finally came around this past weekend.  I honestly have to say it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever attended.  Could have something to do with the sweet young couple that is so dear to my heart.  Congrats McKinley and Laura!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Country Charm Mall - Franklin, TN

I’m alittle late in getting this posted, but I am now settled in at The Country Charm Mall located at 301 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN.  Miss Hazel and Miss Pam have an amazing antique mall with some great vendors, several outbuildings and lots of yard art.  Would love for you to come and visit.  I have (now famous) 1803 Candles on hand along with my Vintage Fork Jewelry.  Yea… my friend Donna has been trying to get me into jewelry for years, but I’ve resisted… (like I need another hobby - LOL!) but recently gave in when I came across repurposed vintage silverware jewelry at The Tailgate Show in Nashville.  I had to try it!!  So see what ya think.  It’s been fun to find the silverware and to work at adding vintage beads and different elements.  Wait til you see my “fork” bracelets!  Hope to have pictures of those soon.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks! The Gathering Show was a Huge Success!

Years ago when were moving into a rental house and I was running around like crazy, Billy made a comment to his dad and said "she doesn't know if she's pitchin' or catchin' ", well that was pretty much me, again, last week.  BUT last week was so much more fun than that moving day 25 years ago.  I had the best time and met the nicest people.
Me & Miss Jackie w/ Antiques on Maple (she runs an amazing show by the way)

Me & Miss Joyce w/ Little Red Hen
Me & Carrell w/ Country Charisma

The weather broke at just the right times for me to load and unload. Seriously, I had just enough room for myself.... we had my truck and Mom's truck loaded down!

The weather didn't stop anyone from coming out to shop.  I enjoyed meeting so many people and look forward to seeing them again at the next show.